After 2 years of an artist’s block, I started this blog in order to explore the nature of creativity, both mine and other people’s.  I believe creativity is the crux of living well. It heals ourselves and our society.  I’m a writer, painter and potter. In my 20s, I was a musician, dancer and choreographer.  In my 30s, I was inspired by my two sons to start practicing martial arts, both aikido and jujitsu. The martial arts is also a creative effort, as I constantly understand the world in new ways through this complex sensory-motor and meditative activity.  My home is in Baltimore, a city that has adopted me as I’ve adopted it, but I still maintain a strong connection to my native New York City.  Both my grown sons still live there, as do many of my friends.  No matter where I go or what I am doing, the muse always finds me, but transmutes into many forms like a shapeshifter!


self portrait

crayon on paper   14″x16″